Paul WrightA Physios Guide to Correct Lifting Techniques and Rehabilitation - Paul Wright - 105 mins

This presentation by program founder Paul Wright - explores the area of correct lifting techniques and rehabilitation for the ankle, knee, shoulder, lumbar spine and elbow. It includes a discussion and demonstration of Pauls favourite and most effective rehabilitation exercises.

Here is just some of what Paul covers in this great presentation:

- Learn the correct technique for a majority of resistance training exercises and the best rehab exercises for the most common injuries.

- The right to left strength imbalance that can lead to injury and how most health professionals miss it.

- Why weakness is more important than alignment in preventing knee pain.

- What the Australian Wallabies strength and condition coach said when asked to name his "Top 10 Exercises".

- How low to squat and how to determine the correct depth for your clients and patients.

- The "late and last" lunge technique that can increase success of the exercise and improve results.

- The fundamental problem with leg pressing and the modification that can increase its benefit to your clients and patients.

- Why some health professionals are "copping out" in their exercise choices and how to avoid these mistakes.

- How when and why to use a ball wall squat over a standard squat and the key teaching point that must be obeyed to allow optimal benefit from this exercise.

- The best exercise to treat patello-femoral pain and how this has been successful in treating this common problem for over 20 years.

- The best swiss ball exercise for treating knee pain - are you using it?

- The hip stretch used by the Crusaders and All Blacks that helped reduce knee and groin pain - and how you can use it in your training sessions now.

- How "rehab gone wrong" can set your clients up for shoulder pain.

- The technique flaw in bent rows that causes most shoulder problems and what to do about it.

- The training technique that increase bench press strength by over 30%.

- The amazing advantage provided by the one arm row and the technique flaw that can make it useless for some people.

- Bent row versus inverted row - which is best exercise and why?

- The simple technique change for shoulder press that can reduce shoulder pain in fitness centres.

- The secret training tip that gives a safe push up every time.

- The "body position" - technique that reduces shoulder stress in resistance training programs and how to use it in your training sessions and rehabilitation programs now.

- The dip technique taught in the 1940s that is still one of the most effective but dangerous tricep exercises.

- The dip modification - that people think you are doing incorrectly- but is one of the most effective rehab exercises.

- The throwing exercise all athletes must do to prevent shoulder problems.

- The truth about the "Lordotic Lifting Posture" and how it can actually increase pain and risk when training.

- The best hamstring gluteal exercise available - are you doing it?

- The tricep exercise that is like the leg extension is to the knee and why this exercise causes over 60% of all elbow problems.

- The simple modification to wrist exercises that will reduce your wrist and elbow problems.

Plus Much More

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About Paul Wright

Physiotherapist and Founder of

Paul’s academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy, a Diploma in Education (Physical Education) and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management.

For the past 20 years Paul has owned and operated multiple Get Active Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinics in Australia – with many of these clinics located inside fitness centres – thus his interest in exercise rehabilitation.

Paul has been actively involved in clinical education around the world having lectured to over 20,000 health professionals - in the areas of program design, injury prevention, rehabilitation and business development.

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