Ulrick LarsenRehab Trainer Introduction - with Ulrick Larsen (78 mins)

In this 4 part series - Australian Physiotherapist Ulrik Larsen - founder of the Rehab Trainer Program - outlines how to identify at risk clients in an exercise setting, how to play the pain game correctly and the essentials of risk assessment for personal trainers.

All Personal Trainers, Junior Physiotherapists and sports trainers can expect to benefit from this important presentation.

This presentation includes:

  • Who is vulnerable to injury and how to prevent injuries in personal training clients.
  • The 5 categories of at risk clients and how to identify them quickly and easily.
  • How the concept of “Neural Fog” can increase injury risk and what to do about it.
  • What the absolute best evidence is for predicting future injury and how to identify it.
  • The top 10 past injuries that must be considered even 10 to 20 years after they first occurred.
  • The 4 key reasons older clients are at greater risk of injury and from poor recovery.
  • The 20% of clients and patients who are at most risk of injury and how to assess them.
  • Why stretching should be avoided in some clients and the general rule that determines if they should stretch or not.
  • How hypermobile gleno-humeral joints can lead to scapular mobility issues and how to assist this issue.
  • The problems with standard nine point hypermobility testing and when to use this effectively.
  • The injury spectrum and how to use it in your rehab programs.
  • The “permission gateway” for clients to begin rehab training.
  • Loosening procedures to assist in correction of muscle imbalances.
  • The essential tools for rehab - what are they?

Plus much more...

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Ulrick Larsen

An Australian Sports Physiotherapist specializing in sports injury management, Ulrik has decades of experience working with personal trainers and their clients, including elite athletes and their coaches across Australia and the UK. His passion for giving fitness professionals competence to manage clients with injuries led him to develop the Rehab Trainer course which is now delivered internationally through his network of similarly-minded physiotherapists.

You can contact Ulrik via his Rehab Trainer website at:

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