Robert De NardisWhiplash and the Multi Cervical Unit - Robert De Nardis - 57 mins

In this fantastic follow up presentation, well-known Australian Physiotherapist and long time mentor Robert De Nardis reviews the latest research on Whiplash management and how to prevent the onset of long term cervical dysfunction post-injury.

This session is excellent for all health professionals wanting to increase their knowledge of whiplash injury management.

Here is just some of what Robert covers in this session:

  • The real definition of whiplash and how many professionals do not understand the terminology
  • The true mechanism of injury for whiplash associated disorders and why you need to know this when treating neck injuries
  • Why the first 50-75 milliseconds post injury is vital to the extent of injury created
  • What an MRI will not show you and why patient education is so important in whiplash recovery
  • How to reduce the cost of chronic pain in society with better management and education of the patient.
  • The missing component of most cervical rehabilitation programs and how not to make this mistake with your clients
  • How the most ridiculous piece of research ever lead to a common myth in the use of cervical collars – and how to use collars correctly.
  • Why the average length of symptoms of poorly treated patients at one leading whiplash clinic is 8 years and how to ensure your clients don’t have the same poor outcome.
  • Exactly what to do for the first 2 days post injury – and how not doing this can lead to years of pain and other symptoms.
  • How to identify a significant injury and when to refer for specialist treatment
  • The commonly given home exercise that should never be given in the early stages of rehabilitation
  • Exactly when to start manual therapy and why starting too soon can cause massive problems.
  • When and how to return your client to full daily activities
  • How to identify the patient who is not progressing well post injury and prevent them becoming another 8 year pain patient
  • Why women are more at risk of whiplash associated disorders post injury and what to do about it.
  • How the Multi Cervical Unit gives a better outcome and why it is the missing link in cervical rehabilitations

Plus much more...

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Robert De Nardis

Director/Senior Physiotherapist

B App.Sci (Physio) B.Sc. (Hons) M.A.P.A.

Director Sandringham Sports Medicine Centre

Robert De Nardis is an experienced practicing Melbourne Physiotherapist who has an extensive background in two defined areas. Firstly, as the director of Sandringham Sports Medicine, he has been involved with sporting athletes and teams at all levels. Secondly, as the director of the Melbourne Whiplash Centre he has been actively engaged in whiplash evaluation, treatment and research since 1998.

He received certification for dry needling from The Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain (iSTOP) in Vancouver, British Columbia and has extensively utilized IMS/Trigger Point Dry Needling in his clinics in Melbourne, Australia. Robert is a recognized expert in the field of cervical spine rehabilitation, having served as a panel member of the International Whiplash Task Force.

Robert’s live courses include:

  • Trigger Point Dry Needling Introductory
  • Training Trigger Point Dry Needling Advanced Training

For more information on Robert’s Dry Needling and Manual Therapy courses go to:

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