Darren StuchberyThe Lowdown on Lunges 60 Mins with Physiotherapist - Darren Stuchbery

This presentation is a live recording of an education inservice given by Physiotherapist - Darren Stuchbery - to a group of Personal Trainers.

The seminar includes analysis of the different types of lunges, how and when to use each style and a comprehensive explanation of correct lunging technique all that all health professionals should know.

This presentation can also be used as a template to deliver your own lunge lecture to gym members or trainers as a lead generation session.

This presentation includes:

  • How the introduction of programs like crossfit have changed the lunging technique we should  use.
  • How to determine people who should not even be doing lunges at all.
  • How one trainer caused massive problems in her pump class and the lesson in this for all of us.
  • The best way to activate VMO using this lunge version.
  • How to explain Q angle to your clients so they understand why they need to do this exercise in their programs.
  • Why bad lunge technique can lead to patella femoral joint compressions and injury.
  • The truth about the “Dork Lunge” and how to use it effectively.
  • How low to lunge for maximal effectiveness and safety
  • How one study performed on a small number of paratroopers led to a massive error in lunge teaching technique.
  • The difference between a group lunge and a functional lunge and when to use each version.
  • The posture cue often missed by trainers and how to ensure correct upper body position when lunging.
  • Step by step progressions of the best and most effective way to teach your clients to lunge safely and effectively.
  •  “The head in the elevator shaft” image and how it leads to correct technique.
  •  What Leyton Hewett can teach us about lunge technique.
  • When to use more advanced variations and which are the best.
  • What Steve the Projectionist taught us about correct exercise technique and training people effectively.
  • Plus Much More

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    About Darren Stuchbery

    Darren is both a Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist, having completed a degree in Physical Education in 1985 and having completed his Physiotherapy degree in 1997. He has been professionally involved in exercise for the purposes of education, fitness, performance and rehabilitation for over 28 years.

    He is especially committed to client empowerment, seeking to engage his clients in their healing process and promoting self-management wherever possible.

    Darren is the owner of 6S Health at Mingara and Ettalong on the NSW Central Coast in Australia. He can be reached at:
    T: 1300 761 789
    E: admin@6s.com.au
    W: www.6s.com.au.

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